Havelock Vision

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Havelock Vision  

The purpose of Havelock Vision is to benefit the community and environs by creating a vision for the future development of amenities for the Havelock community.  This will be achieved through ongoing consultation with the community; prioritising the projects suggested by the community and collectively working towards realising the community's vision for community amenities.

This will be achieved by: 

1.          Collecting ideas for projects that will benefit Havelock

2.          Providing clarity for the vision and priorities

3.          Putting together feasibility studies for proposed projects

4.          Building partnerships with organisations, businesses and individuals

             who share in the vision

  Two distinct branches of the vision to date are:


 Income Generation

 Community Projects

  • As a Charitable Trust we can apply to organisations for grants
  • Vibrant local business communities support community projects that enhance the area
  • Havelock Vision 2020 may facilitate the set up business/s that achieve or contribute to its objectives.
  • Provide business networking opportunities/forums for businesses to work together
  • Community amenities enhance the life style of local residents and provide activities for visitors to the area to do.
  • People utilising local amenities put money into the local economy and thus enhance our ability to improve or develop new community amenities.



Projects include:

Pelorus Community Activity Hub

Pelorus Kids Creative - afterschool Art classes for 8-12 year olds

Pelorus FM - community radio

What's On in Havelock? - monthly activities brochure

Havelock Birdsong - Waiata Manu - preditor free trapping group